Chongqing Bayu Farming Culture Museum: DLAF 2018

Source: 十方藝術中心DAC 


As the core hub city of the national strategy such as “Western Development”, “One Belt and One Road” and “Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Belt”, Chongqing is the turning point of the historical destiny of China.

Beibei in Chongqing is an inevitable choice of history. The construction of Beibei Township in China has laid a national vision of the modernization of China. It is not only of significance but also with the necessity of geopolitics. It has the same geopolitical reason for choosing the location of the accompanying capital during the world war II. Therefore, the Chinese Rural Construction Institute is also located in Beibei.

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Gifts to Earth: “礼尚往来”

Date: 26th to 28th Sep. 2018
Type: Art Workshop
Artist: Federica B. 
Location: Bayu Farming Gallery

We must behave like a friend

towards the friend

and return gift with gift;

we must oppose it

smile to smile

and deception to lie.

You know it, if you have a friend

in which you trust

and if you want to get a good result,

you must confuse your soul with his

and exchange gifts

and often visit him.

The generous and valiant men

They live the best life;

And are not afraid.

But a coward is afraid of everything;

the miser is always afraid of the gifts. 

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Gifts to Earth. Day One. “A Gift: what does it mean?”

Date: 26th 2018. 
Type: Art Workshop
Artist: Federica B. 
Location: Bayu Farming Gallery

Intangible Objective: To choose a friend, to identify with a natural element, to identify with a mate and give him a present. Tangible Objective: draw your natural element. 

Key Questions for Development: 

1. what is your natural element? / 你的元素是什?
2. who is your friend? /
3. which gift would you donate him?/
你要捐赠什 ?


On the first day, the main scope was to offer interpretative keys to reflect on the meaning of donation. When arrived the participants were asked to sit in a circle. In the middle of the circle, there was a basket full of different vegetables. At this point, I asked to choose one vegetable and to introduce themselves one by one while holding it and interacting with it.

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