Gifts to Earth: “礼尚往来”

Date: 26th to 28th Sep. 2018
Type: Art Workshop
Artist: Federica B. 
Location: Bayu Farming Gallery

We must behave like a friend

towards the friend

and return gift with gift;

we must oppose it

smile to smile

and deception to lie.

You know it, if you have a friend

in which you trust

and if you want to get a good result,

you must confuse your soul with his

and exchange gifts

and often visit him.

The generous and valiant men

They live the best life;

And are not afraid.

But a coward is afraid of everything;

the miser is always afraid of the gifts. 

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Gifts to Earth. Day One. “A Gift: what does it mean?”

Date: 26th 2018. 
Type: Art Workshop
Artist: Federica B. 
Location: Bayu Farming Gallery

Intangible Objective: To choose a friend, to identify with a natural element, to identify with a mate and give him a present. Tangible Objective: draw your natural element. 

Key Questions for Development: 

1. what is your natural element? / 你的元素是什?
2. who is your friend? /
3. which gift would you donate him?/
你要捐赠什 ?


On the first day, the main scope was to offer interpretative keys to reflect on the meaning of donation. When arrived the participants were asked to sit in a circle. In the middle of the circle, there was a basket full of different vegetables. At this point, I asked to choose one vegetable and to introduce themselves one by one while holding it and interacting with it.

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Located in Zhejiang Province, Deqing County, Mogan Mountain constitute one of China’s most beautiful scenery. The area is distributed on 43 square kilometers. It is surrounded by green bamboo, clear springs, dotted villas and charming four seasons. This scenery enjoys the reputation of “the first mountain in the south of the Yangtze River”. In the popular imagery it is famous for its natural elements such as bamboo, clouds, and springs, and “four excellent” in atmospheric conditions such as Qing (), Jing (), Qing (绿) and Liang ().

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Connect & Collect: “接受”

In the Chinese language, the term 接受 (“to receive”) is formed by two characters. which mean to “connect”, and “” which means “to collect”. Connection and collection are constitutive concepts of the action of “receiving”. Always ready for the flow and the go of people, the community of Moganshan has a rooted its culture in the hospitality. 

The purpose of this cultural mapping was to reinterpret the importance of giving and receiving by enlightening each person’s cultural dimension. The performance was created with the idea of bringing the importance of a ritual dimension and its sacrality back to our everyday lives. The project was divided into two stages: the first stage included a cultural investigation, the second a cultural performance.

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Play with me. I am alive.

Type: Music installation.

Location: Moganshan Creative Garden. Fatou Village, Mogan Mountain. Zhejiang Province, China. 

Commissioner: People’s Government of Moganshan Town; Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts;  Moganshan International Tourism Association.

Artist: Federica B.

Unexpected project. After noticing that some people were decorating a dead tree with plastic stripes, I realized that something was wrong. It was dead already, did we need to kill it any further? Art is meant to give life, not to kill. This is the reason why I joined this project. This is how and some local started to build bamboo bells to revive a dead tree. Now, when the wind blows, its soul can speak.

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Perpetual Theatre

Date: August 2018 Type: Sustainable Design, Installation, Performance, Storytelling Artists: Federica B (Design & Concept); He Yibo (Executive Assistance); Chen Hongli (Procurement) Location: Moganshan Creative Garden. Fatou Village, Mogan Mountain. Zhejiang Province, China. Commissioner: People’s Government of Moganshan Town; Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts; Moganshan International Tourism Association. Read More
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Moganshan Art Festival

In the evening of August 26th, the first Moganshan Art Festival was opened in the “Moganshan Creative Park” with the theme of “homestay”. The art festival came into being under the Mogashan Project, a series of artistic actions lead in Fatou Village, by both professors and students from Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts and Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts.

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Nature in Art Workshop

Location: Combaby Montessori Education Center (新爱婴早教美兰湖国际中心) and Changshou Community Center. Shanghai

Duration: One class/week. 15th October to 15th November 2017.

Participants: 3-5 years old kids, and their family.

Scope: The workshop was designed and realized to enhancing the understanding of the natural world, by realizing artworks inspired to the following styles and artistic movements:

  • Still Life
  • Impressionism
  • Pointillism
  • Expressionism

Still Life_COLLAGE

Objective: Learn to draw fruit; assembling; reflecting on fruit shapes, dimensions, and colors; review fruit names.

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